The Challenge:

The complexity of modern I/O controllers and the effort/cost required to develop dedicated, intelligent protocol chips.
Traditional, simulation based, ASIC development methodologies are not effective due to the complexity of the designs.

HalStor Solutions:

Halstor enables storage system and silicon vendors by providing:

  • Consulting and design services
  • IP customization and integration support services
  • Fully customizable VHDL source code to the IPs
  • Specialized development tools enabling fast and proven SOC development
  • Extensive experience and know-how in the design of storage systems and chips
The US Patent Office granted HalStor licence number US 61/583,327 for a provisional patent entitled, "Device, systems and methods supporting data copy between data storage systems".
HalStor succesfully performed Phase I SBIR project for the USAF.
HalStor proposed an advanced solution for the High Performance, High Reliability Weapons Bus Switch project based on a fully mirrored, single chip (FPGA with embedded processors) implementation with extensive error checking capabilities. more...