HalStor is a multidisciplinary consulting and R&D organization specializing in fast I/O Interfaces (SAS, SATA, Fibre Channel, FICON, ESCON) and storage systems.

Development of modern communication and I/O controllers poses a considerable challenge. Success requires the right combination of hardware, software and system skills to handle the ever increasing bandwidth and sophistication of modern communication and storage networks.

Typically, this challenge results in long development cycles, difficult debugging environments, and high development costs. In the worst cases, the result fails to meet performance goals, or rapid changes in the technology render designs technologically obsolete by the time they come to market.

HalStor builds on our problem solving experience in the industry dealing with fast I/O connectivity and processing applications. This includes extensive experience in the structure of computer systems and computer networks, particularly in the design of FPGA based applications and their associated firmware.The key lesson of this experience is the understanding how the cost of engineering time limits the evolution of complex IP that requires simultaneous development of both hardware and software.

HalStor products dramatically reduce the development effort and shorten time to market. We achieve this goal by offering all our designs implemented on our dedicated controller development platform (SIMBA) and tested against other vendors disks or controllers, as applicable.

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The US Patent Office granted HalStor licence number US 61/583,327 for a provisional patent entitled, "Device, systems and methods supporting data copy between data storage systems".
HalStor succesfully performed Phase I SBIR project for the USAF.
HalStor proposed an advanced solution for the High Performance, High Reliability Weapons Bus Switch project based on a fully mirrored, single chip (FPGA with embedded processors) implementation with extensive error checking capabilities. more...